Welcome to World of Scottish Sport!

Welcome everyone to my new (and first) Blog page, my name is Colin Watt (@colin88watt) and I will be using this blogspot as an alternative look from MSM into the ins and outs of Scottish Sport.

I have never before created or contributed to a blog however with a vast interest in most sports in Scotland I hope you find this to be a fun, alternative view into Scottish Sport. On the blog I will cover sports which you will read a lot about daily such as Football, Tennis and Rugby, whilst giving attention to more obscure sports in Scotland such as Ice Hockey and Wrestling.

My aim is to post at least 2 blogs a week hopefully on a Sunday with a weekend review and a Thursday with a weekend preview for most sports. There will be additional blogs added for each sport when there is something which I think you will find interesting to read or when news breaks which should be discussed.

I hope you find this blog interesting and please feel free to share across the Social Media platforms. Also if you would like to contribute a blog to this page or be involved in potential future interviews/podcasts please contact myself at colinwatt88@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks! 🙂



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